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For a number of years, Zingaresca has been a strong advocate of Romani rights. We have appeared in a number of US colleges and universities (Princeton, Harvard, Wellesley, Bucknell, Lafayette, University of Iowa, etc.) with the message that an average American knows embarrassingly little about the Romani people. We presented lectures about the history, cultures, and many persecutions of the Romani people, including several centuries of slavery and the Holocaust. We illustrate our historical narrative with songs and dances from various Romani groups, so that the student can get a sense of how diverse, and at the same time, how united the Romani people are.

In addition to Romani studies, Zingaresca often appears in Russian language classes. Oleg and Vadim have developed some attractive songs in Russian that focus on particular part of Russian vocabulary and grammar, which makes learning a difficult language a lot of fun.

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